Browns Produce Farm 

We are a family owned & operated farm. Proudly serving the area since 1955.
Specializing in fresh vegetable and fruit production.

The seasons at Browns Farm
Late Winter early Spring
We begin by studying and planning our crop season. Careful attention is given to seed selection for “proven winners” for yield, durability and most of all, Taste!

We start many crops indoors under grow lights transitioning them to our greenhouses and finally to our field for planting. This process usually takes 8-12 weeks depending on the crop variety.

While in the greenhouses we use recycled rain water to water our plants, this gives them optimum growth. We monitor temperature and humidity inside the greenhouses daily assuring they are progressing well.

Planting Season
Once the plants in the greenhouse are ready for the great outdoors it is then we begin working with the land. We are fortunate to have naturally rich fertile soil on our farm. We are able to maintain this fertility by extensive composting and crop rotation. Our family does all the planting, weeding and plant care on the farm.

Harvest Season
Day after day watching the crops progress we come to the harvest! We pick all our crops starting early in the morning while the cool morning dew is still on.

We pick our crops at the absolute peak of maturity, thus capturing the ultimate in sweetness and flavor. Upon picking each day we take our picks to our store for sale that day assuring you the freshest produce everyday.

Our Farm Pledge to You
We are committed to healthy foods and healthy soil. Although we are not “certified organic” we practice and use many organic and sustainable methods on our farm. We firmly believe in using natural approaches to produce our crops.

Thank you for your continued support of our family owned business!
- David, Kathy, Drew, Brandi and Grant

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